Dorosh Heritage Tours offers a unique service for those who would like to make a virtual journey to Ukraine. It is A Virtual Tour to Your Ancestral Village, your visit to the village in Ukraine where your ancestors were born which gives you a chance to walk their footsteps while staying at your own home.

A Virtual Tour to Your Ancestral Village is a custom made video about your village, its history, traditions, people and nowadays life. It is like seeing the village with your own eyes. It tells about the life of the community at times when your family lived there and reasons of emigration. The video can be combined with genealogy research and it often gives a chance to meet the family still residing in the village or nearby area.

The video is about 15 min long. It is recorded on a memory stick and sent to the client in a special handmade box. It can be a wonderful present for your parents and the family. We think it’s not only a good chance to see the village and learn about the ancestral lands but a good way to preserve the knowledge about one’s ancestry and pass it to the next generations.

Contact us to learn more and order your personal Virtual Tour to Your Ancestral Village.