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Dear Friends,

What you are going to read about is encoded in your genes if your ancestors were Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Hutsul, Lemko, Boiko, Volhynian, Galician and more.

The goals we’ve set by this project are drawing the portrait of our ancestors, exploring their real everyday life and learning about their mentality to understand ourselves better. To achieve them we will focus on ethnography, microhistory and personality rather than global historical events. We will try to offer interesting stories illustrating a certain facet of culture of our ancestors, be it traditional architecture or clothes, cuisine or beliefs, lifecycle or everyday activities, leisure in 19th - early 20th century and much more.

We are not looking at exploring each of the topics out and away but we do hope that our sketches will help us understand our background.  

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If at some point you realize that you want to explore and experience it all by yourself, we invite you to take our Ukraine tour and touch the soil of your ancestors.


What did our ancestors eat 100 years ago?

What did our ancestors eat 100 years ago? To find answers we invite you to travel back in time with Dorosh Heritage Tours and visit Lemko areas in present Poland.


Choosing the Place to Build

Travel in time to the Boiko regions of Ukraine to learn how our ancestors chose the place to build their houses. In our investigation of this issue, we have found out that it was not all  that simple!


The Phenomenon of a Ukrainian Pich (stove)

Would you like to know where the umbilical cord of your grandfather is buried and what kind of function the oven in his house performed but for cooking? Check our next post at Dorosh Heritage Tours website!


Did Our Ancestors Drink Alcohol?

Today we will continue studying the unknown sides of the lives of our ancestors, talk about alcohol and the phenomenon that according to contemporary law can be considered as one of crimes against humanity.


Life Cycle: Birth

What lies behind the often scanty information found during genealogical research: dates, house numbers, and names that we find in metric records? The answer to this and other questions concerning the cycle of life of our ancestors can be found in our new publication