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D'Arcy Hande, Canada

My daughter, a friend of hers, and I were extremely fortunate to have Andriy Dorosh as our personal tour guide on a recent visit to Ukraine (April 2016). He took time in advance of our trip to Skype with us and answer any questions we had, no matter how large or small. He even helped locate and arrange a day-long visit to our friend's long-lost Ukrainian family members. The reunion was a heart-warming and unforgettable experience for all of us. We also visited a number of remote Ukrainian villages where my ethnic-German family once lived. We talked to the local historians, had personalized tours, found abandoned cemeteries, etc., etc. It was a wonderful experience.

The problems of negotiating the difference in language, customs and real-life logistics were all smoothed over by working with Andriy. He was completely at ease in explaining the best course to take in our decisions about shopping, arranging our days, driving the difficult secondary roads, and interacting with the ordinary people of Ukraine. He took meticulous care of the details and let us enjoy our time to the fullest extent. It is hard to imagine our being able to manage our trip without his help.

Don't let the worries about the political difficulties in eastern Ukraine. the differences in language, customs and currency, or the logistical details of navigating the rural areas of the country deter you. Andriy has vast experience, an easy way with customers, service providers and the local citizens alike. His skills as a language interpreter made conversations with everyone from waiters in restaurants to the priests in the local churches all seem so natural and easy -- the difficulties just melted away.

You can depend on Andriy to provide you with an absolutely seamless, problem-free visit to Ukraine. Do not hesitate to contact him and begin making your plans today.

Your are welcome to contact me for a personal reference (phone 1-306-249-1392 or hande dot dk at