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Debora A Yastremski

My Aunt and I had the pleasure of traveling to Lviv, our Ancestral Village of Ozerna and Ternopil, Ukraine with Andriy Dorosh from Dorosh Heritage Tours in September 2019.
Andriy meticulously planned our trip itinerary that included not only our tour schedule but accommodations and transportation for the entire trip. Traveling abroad was a new experience for both of us and we had some apprehensions that were quickly put to rest when we met Andriy at the airport in Lviv. He has the type of personality that makes everyone who meets him feel comfortable.
Andriy was not only our tour guide, translator, and wonderful driver, but he also took time to educate us on local Ukrainian traditions and the history of our ancestors. Our primary goal on this trip was to visit our Ancestral Village of Ozerna. This trip far exceeded our expectations. We met family and had a traditional home cooked Ukrainian meal with them and with the help from Andriy translating, we were able to get to know them. Andriy’s research team located a map of the village allowing us to walk the property my Aunt’s Mom, (my Grandmother) and her family lived on and reminisce about stories that they had told us about their time living there. We visited the railroad that they would have taken to board the ship on their journey to America. We went to both Churches in the village that they attended. We visited the cemetery, local businesses, village offices and a kindergarten school in the village. Andriy drove us to the district office in Zboriv and we were able to obtain confirmation of birth, marriage and death for some family members.
Andriy went above and beyond to accommodate us on this trip of a lifetime. He was flexible and gave us as much time as allowed to visit our Ancestral Village and family and for that we are forever grateful. Thank you Andriy for an unforgettable trip and helping us to understand the hardships that our family went through in the past and the hardships facing them now and for helping us to resolve some of our family mysteries. Our only regret is that we did not schedule more time with our newfound family and to explore in our Ancestral Village. We will definitely contact Andriy for further research on our family in the near future and would not hesitate to travel with Dorosh Heritage Tours again. Andriy you have earned our friendship and if this site could give you more than 5 stars, we would give them to you.