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Lisa Yeates

Excellent! Bravo! 5 stars!
We had a wonderful tour to connect with our ancestral roots.The research was done in advance and a plan was set in place. Andriy is an awesome host, full of energy and excited to share his knowledge with us. Language and cultural differences were never an issue as our tour guides Andriy and Oksana took care of all our needs, everything was seamless. They would accompany us to meet with our relatives as translators allowing us to chat away, a very exciting experience indeed! Along the way we would see interesting sites and learn about the country and its people.The hotels were centrally located and well appointed. Recommendations of restaurants and entertainment were abundant. The pace was perfect, enough time to relax and enjoy the holiday. A very moving experience, you could just picture the past, your family's daily life and years later I am standing in that same place. Thank you so much Andriy.