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Ava Muir

Uniquely cultural and fun!

I will admit that this trip was entirely my mother's idea, but I could not be more happy that I participated. With both of my Ukrainian grandparents now passed away, this vacation was a sort of emotional and cultural pilgrimage. I expected it to be educational and spiritually meaningful, but I did not expect it to be so much fun! I learned abundant information about Ukraine, past and present, from our fantastic tour guides. I especially appreciated the insights they shared into what it means to be Ukrainian in these modern times. I felt a new appreciation for the beautiful cultural traditions, as well as an abundant respect for the resilience of Ukrainians. I was surprised by the stark contrast between the vibrant, fashionable Lviv and the sense that I was going back in time in my maternal grandmother's tiny ancestral village. Especially as a woman, I wondered about the safety of going to Ukraine. I soon realized I had nothing to worry about. I felt comfortable walking alone, wearing a purse, and interacting with locals. I felt really welcome as a tourist. On a more superficial level, I was pleasantly surprised by how far my Canadian currency stretched in their economy. Where else can you get a half litre of beer for $2? At the risk of sounding even more shallow, I wanted to do a little bit of partying, not just learning and sightseeing. I was not disappointed! The bars, live music, and dancing were great. If you have the opportunity to go to Ukraine with Dorosh Heritage Tours, go for it! You won't regret this special experience! If you're like me, you'll also find yourself wanting to go back again, in the future, with your own children!