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Deb Kukal

What an amazing trip!! Andriy found our family, which we could never have done on our own, even if we had gone there to do the research. When he found them, he helped us with all the contacts, arranged where and how we would meet everyone, and translated and supported us all as we made the amazing cross-cultural connection. His sensitivity and understanding deepened the experience, and allowed us to engage warmly and effectively with our Ukrainian family.

After the family visit, we visited L'viv, for beauty, culture and a deeper understanding of the history and challenges facing this beautiful country. If you go there, be sure to say yes to "pots of chocolate" :)

Finally, Andriy tailored everything to our specific needs, and made the whole trip enjoyable. The hotels were wonderful - unique, beautiful and comfortable. He was easy and fun to talk with, and he always stopped for plenty of refreshment and 'bathroom breaks' when we traveled! We want to go back next year, and bring our son as well.