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David Hasiuk

Andriy Dorosh has made my Ukrainian heritage come alive. He has added flesh and life the skeleton of a family tree. Before him I had only records from searching in the United States, limited verbal history and fading memories of stories from my grandparents and older family members.
Andriy listens well. Through emails and months of working together he provided me with extensive and detailed records on my family. He was thorough in his research of archives in Ternopil, Lviv and numerous villages. He pays attention to detail.
Then I had an opportunity to travel with a friend and visit Ukraine. In preparation Andriy and I laid out what we could hope to accomplish. He did preliminary visits to my ancestral villages, Kozivka, Novosilka and Staryi Skalat.
We were able to find the plots on which my grandfather’s and then my grandmother’s houses were where they were born. We were able to visit the cemetery and find the grave of my grandfather’s oldest brother. An unexpected discovery was meeting that oldest brother’s granddaughter, a second cousin to me. Before that I had no record or awareness of living family in Ukraine. Andriy took us to Village Councils and we found family records from Soviet days and were able to photograph them.
Andriy knows Western Ukraine. He knows where to look in archives. His English is very good, both written and spoken. He is thoughtful and considerate and a safe driver. He is personable in his interactions. He chooses well, be it hotels, restaurants and visit sequence. He makes rational assumptions furthering research and results.
I highly recommend Andriy Dorosh to anyone seeking to do research on their Ukrainian ancestry.
David Hasiuk
October 2016