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Suzanne Day

I have made two wonderful trips in Ukraine with Andriy Dorosh as my guide. Through his extensive research and personal visits to villages prior to my arrival he was able to discover the birthplaces of each of my grandparents and pave the way for me to visit with relatives. His impressive command of English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish made communication with family, staff and officials easy and comfortable.
Andriy set up itineraries that were not only specific to tracing my family roots but also gave me and my husband a beautiful tour of Western Ukraine. He selected wonderful accommodations and delightful restaurants. We ate well and learned much about the history and culture of the cities and regions we visited. Each day was full of adventure and surprises. Andriy is a careful driver and made sure that we were safe wherever we travelled.
Before my second trip Andriy went into Poland to do genealogical research and he found my grandmother’s birthplace. She was born in 1888 during the Austro-Hungarian Regime and he traced her lineage back to the 1700s. He sent me a photo journey of the entire trip through the village, the church and the cemetery. He made inquiries and met with distant relatives who invited me to their home. When I arrived for my visit this summer I was welcomed as part of the family and showered with gifts. Andriy had charmed his way into their homes and hearts.
Andriy is very polite and professional. He responds quickly to emails and makes detailed itineraries so that you know exactly what you are doing and where you are going. He is a fun person to travel with and plans activities that are tailored to your energy level and ability.
Before contacting him I knew nothing of my grandparents whom I had met as a child but knew nothing of their history. It was a thrill for me to walk in the villages of their youth and learn stories of why they came to Canada and of those left behind.
Thank you, Andriy. You helped me to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Suzanne Day, Nova Scotia, Canada