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Boris Biloskirka

My wife and I are avid travelers and have had many tour guides all over the world. Our recent trip to Poland, Slovakia and Western Ukraine was, in our opinion, the BEST. What helped make it so special was Andriy Dorosh. We had arranged Andriy to pick us up in Krakow on day 3 of a 21 day trip and were with Andriy through southeastern Poland, eastern Slovakia and western Ukraine. Our trip was a double focus, I wanted to visit the village of my father (Hrymaliv), and, secondly, get to better know and understand the beautiful Carpathian area of Ukraine - we called it a "cultural emersion" trip. Andriy was excellent in clearly understanding exactly what we wanted to accomplish, putting together a sensible and very doable itinerary and schedule. He both guided and hired local people to really get us into the local's particular customs, history, architecture, food etc. His command of English was outstanding and a blessing since my wife speaks no Ukrainian. Thanks to Andriy's upfront research, we found my Dad's village, distant relatives (picture, Boris with 2 4th cousins) (!), my Dad's homestead, grandfather's and uncles' gravesites, and spoke with elderly ladies who sang in my uncle's church choir! I sat in the church pew that my father probably sat in 80 years ago! My Dad's grave in Pennsylvania will be blessed with a handful of soil from beloved Ukraine! From a mock wedding feast put on by the Hutzuls in the Carpathians, to the beautiful Austrian style architecture of Chernivtsi, through the history of the UPA in Ternopil and ending in beautiful Lviv this trip was a dream fulfilled! Thank you Andriy for being a real professional and making this special trip a lasting memory.