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Karen McPartlan, USA

We just returned home visiting family in Uzhorod that Andriy was able to locate. I provided him with several old letters from the 1970s, pictures that were 30-40 years old & a very sketchy family tree. Andriy traveled to Uzhorod & located family. We took my 75 year old dad to visit his newly found first cousin , great nephew & their families.

It was a dream come true for my Dad to see where his mom & dad lived, to meet family, & for me and my husband to gain a deeper understanding of my heritage. It was a beautiful experience that would never have been possible without Andriy. Andriy is truly "the best" at what he does - links families together. He helped my dad achieve his wish. I can't thank Andrij enough for his kindness, hard work, professionalism and enthusiasm. The family in Uzhorod spoke highly of him & now consider him a friend. Andriy is in a class all by himself.