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Western and Central Ukraine Tour

Western and Central Ukraine Tour


Explore REAL and diverse Ukraine. It is a unique journey to discover the hospitality, beauty, culture, and history on your way from famous Lviv in western Ukraine to our capital of Kyiv in the central part of the country. During this tour you will:

  • Explore the wonders of ancient Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine
  • Visit the famous caves of Pecherska Lavra monastery
  • Experience real Ukrainian hospitality and learn about central Ukrainian cuisine with local hosts in Vinnytsia. 
  • Learn about Holodomor - the famine, one of the biggest tragedies in Ukraine's history
  • Tour the medieval fortress in Kamianets Podilskyi
  • Tour the most beautiful University in Ukraine
  • Shop at the biggest open air market in market in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains
  • Enjoy the breathtaking nature of the mountains, spend time with Ukrainian highlanders. Learn about their life, culture, and traditions
  • Have a traditional lunch at a highlanders' house
  • Tour old Lviv, the cultural capital of western Ukraine with its numerous UNESCO sights
  • Travel in time to experience the real life of Ukrainians 100 years ago 
  • Find answers to the questions why so many of our ancestors emigrated to Canada, US, Australia, and other countries 
  • Visit the former Soviet Secret Police prison
  • Enjoy Ukrainian cuisine, craft beers, coffee, chocolate, liquors and more..... 

   We invite you to check the detailed itinerary and contact us to book the tour.

Duration: 16 days, Distance: 1500 km
Land Package Price per person:
3500USD/219USD daily
Dates of tours
on demand

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