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Western Ukraine Tours

11 days, 1200 km

Want a truly Ukrainian holiday? This is the tour I love and we specialize in. The route gives you a chance to experience the real Western Ukraine. It starts and it finishes in Lviv - the fairytale city undiscovered by so many Western visitors, the capital of Ukrainian culture. In the small cozy town of Kolomiya we will fling ourselves into the stunning culture of our Ukrainian highlanders, the Hutsuls. Beautiful Ivano-Frankivsk and the mountain resort of Yaremche are on our way. Of course, we will go deeper into the Carpathian Mountains to see authentic Hutsul life in the quaint Carpathian villages.

We will also tour the city of Kamyanets-Podilsky and will enjoy the fantastic brick ensemble of Chernivtsi University and famous Khotyn Castle. The fortress of Kamyanets and the Old Town itself is a terrific mixture of Slavic, European and Asian Cultures. There are very many churches on the way but the unforgettable Pochaiv Monastery is one of the most beautiful church complexes in Ukraine. These are only the highlights of the tour but the real atmosphere of the tour is actually created by the wonderful people we meet on our way during our West Ukraine tour. The tour will also give us many chances to try authentic dishes and drinks, participate in masterclasses, listen to Western Ukrainian singing and music. Best hotels and restaurants in this part of Ukraine are waiting for you too. 

We will also be happy to cut a customised itinerary of the tour of Western Ukraine which would fit your idea of the best holiday especially for you or combine the tour with the visit to your ancestral village. Please, contact me to receive the detailed itinerary, learn about the prices and book your Western Ukraine tour

Sincerely, Andriy Dorosh

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