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3 hours, Level of difficulty: Easy


I am happy to offer you a sightseeing tour of Lutsk with Dorosh Heritage Tours.

Lutsk is the center of my native province – Volyn (Volhynia), the city my family loves and we often come to. It is also the city my son was born in. Lutsk is where we have lots of friends and some of them are very good historians and tour guides.

What is waiting for you during your personal tour of Lutsk? Of course, lots of pleasure that you will get from communication with your Lutsk tour guide, many interesting stories, facts and legends, as well as answers to the questions about the city you may have. Also, you will

  • See one of the “Seven Wonders of Ukraine” - the biggest, oldest and best preserved castle of Ukraine – Lubart's Castle
  • Walk both monumental squares dating to Soviet times and historic conservation area with narrow cobblestoned streets since the 18th and 19th centuries – it’s an interesting contrast I must admit
  • Visit the catacombs under one of Lutsk cathedrals
  •  See the unusual home of the famous Volhynian Sculptor Mykola Holovan’ - if we are lucky, the owner will tell us the story of his  extraordinary mansion and his life over a cup of coffee or a glass of good wine
  • Learn about multicultural side of the city and see the influence of many nationalities which used to settle the city: Lithuanians, Poles, Armenians, Jews, Czechs, Karaites

Above is just a short summary and I am sure you will be amazed to learn much more about Lutsk from your Lutsk private tour guide who loves her native city. We are also ready to provide as much assistance as possible and help with other inquiries dealing with visiting Lutsk and Volyn Province of Ukraine you may have. Contact me to book your Lutsk tour.

Sincerely, Andriy Dorosh

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