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Cultural Tour of Eastern Europe by Minivan: Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine

Stary Smokovec
Spissky Hrad
14 days, 1300 km

Dear Friends,

I am happy to present my Cultural Tour of Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia by minivan which is a great opportunity to spend wonderful time in this part of Europe. So, why combined private tour of Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia? Why by minivan? What's so special about it?

I have had many chances to travel in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia doing heritage tours and I have realized that the tourist potential of each of the countries is greatly underestimated by Western visitors. Each of the countries has so much to show! The food is fantastic as well as the accommodation facilities if you make the right choice. Pricing is also much more interesting than in Western Europe. 

Each country has unique character I fell in love with but it is also very interesting to trace common features in culture, traditions, food, language and people which appeared due to close geographical location and common history.

I have decided to combine the visits to Ukraine, Eastern Poland and Slovakia into one quality tour which includes the highlights of all three countries. We do this private tour by minivan for small groups or families (up to 6 people). I find it to be the most comfortable way of traveling in terms of communication, flexibility and possibility to satisfy the needs of all the group members in the best way. The groups are accompanied by the private guide and an English speaking driver.

Let us have a closer look at the key points of this trip.

The Cultural Tour of Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia by minivan starts in charming Krakow, the historical capital of ancient Poland and our base for exploring the South Eastern part of the country where we will also visit famous Wieliczka Salt MinesAuszwitz Concentration Camp Memorial and enjoy rafting on famous Dunajec river.

The scenic drive through High Tatra Mountains with lots of tiny picturesque mountain villages on the way will take us to Slovakia where we will stay in the mountains for a couple of days to enjoy the spectacular sights and wonderful nature. We will tour the majestic Castle of Spiss and enjoy the cities of Levoca and Kosice. We will also explore the history of Lemko people and visit medieval Bardejov.

We will cross the border and spend time in the so called Silver Land of Ukraine where we will tour the cozy ancient cities of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo. Lviv is an incredible city and the cultural center of Western Ukraine you will fall in love with, a perfect place to wind down and do shopping. 

But for the major sights mentioned above we will enjoy lots of other interesting historic and сultural places which are very particular for this part of Europe. The other advantages are great food, quality accommodation, informative and amusing local guides on our way as well as affordable prices in all 3 countries. Also, the private tour in a small group by minivan with an English speaking driver and private guide gives a possibility to have a flexible schedule and explore the area better at your own pace.

Please, contact me to receive a detailed itinerary, costs information and  book the tour.

Sincerely, Andriy Dorosh

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