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Dear Friends,

If you got to this page of my website you most probably know that my name is Andrii Dorosh and I am a genealogy researcher in Ukraine and Eastern Poland. I have decided to summarize the family research projects I have accomplished recently and the chart below is the result of this work. It took me much time to put all the data together and I was pretty amazed when the database was completed!

When I look at the chart I do not only see the names of the families I researched and villages I visited in Ukraine and Poland. Genealogy is exciting.... It’s so nice to recall all the challenges, puzzles, adventures, good and bad luck I had, funny situations and what’s more important, the faces and personalities of very many different people I met on my way! It is also wonderful to know that the relations with many of the families found by me have been restored which is important for both lines: those living in Ukraine or Poland and abroad.

I hope that this database may also help those who are looking for their Ukrainian or Polish roots in the villages listed below: please, feel free to contact me  if your family name or the village is on the list to get more information about your ancestry. Of course, I will do my best to help with your genealogy research in Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland if it is not there too.

Sincerely, Andrii Dorosh

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