Dorosh Heritage Tours specializes in organizing custom made heritage tours or genealogy tours in Ukraine, Eastern Poland and Slovakia for individuals and small groups. We help people to return to the lost land of their ancestors, learn more about the ancestral culture, traditions, food, everyday life and touch the soil which was cultivated by them.

I sometimes think what really makes people want to come back to the place which was left by the ancestors more than 100 years ago… For me it is probably about finding real myself, realizing who I really am... Understanding the way of my ancestors and its influence on my personality.. It’s an important point for my further development, my ideas and future steps...

Whatever it means for you, I know it is important. We are ready to help you with this discovery and do it the best way we can.

So, how does it work and what can we do? We can

Plan and Organize Your Heritage Tour of Ukraine, Poland or Slovakia

Planning your heritage tour of Ukraine, Poland or Slovakia can be the 1st stage of our cooperation if you already know where exactly your ancestors come from. If you are not sure, please, check Genealogy Research section of my webpage.

Every heritage tour of this kind is custom made because the location of the ancestral town is the key point to start with. We study the needs of our clients carefully and cut a suggested itinerary. We try to include all possible places which would be the part of their ancestors’ life such as the ancestral house or the plot, the church, the cemetery and other parts of the ancestral village, the train station the ancestors’ trip started from, the center of the region where the court, the market, the police, the administration and other places they visited were located. Meeting your family is often an important the part of the visit. 

When we plan your personal custom made tour of Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia we often combine it with best possible sightseeing in the area your roots come from.

Comfort is important. In your Poland, Slovakia or Ukraine heritage trip itinerary we suggest the list of the best places to stay overnight we checked personally as well as the best restaurants around.

Your ideas, likes and preferences are carefully taken into account at every stage of planning and your final itinerary presents the best possible version of your future trip.

Please, feel free to contact us to make an inquiry about your personal heritage tour to Ukraine, Poland or Slovakia.

Meeting your family can be the part of your heritage tour of Ukraine, Poland or Slovakia if it is possible to find the living descendants of your common ancestors who stayed in the ancestral country. In many cases we do genealogy research in the archives and the village prior to your arrival to check this chance and make preliminary arrangements if possible. Please, check Genealogy research section for details.

Family reunions are the most touching part of our activity we treat very thoughtfully: we realize the importance of the moment and the level of emotional involvement of both sides. In most cases the communication without the experienced interpreter is impossible and we are ready to assist and advise on every step. We are skilled in local communication and customs – it is the part of our everyday lives.

May you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us

We can offer you the services of experienced private tour guide in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia as well as the services of skilled interpreters. This way your trip becomes a real vacation – you can rely on your guide and you do not have to worry about fixing anything on your way.  Our guides work flexibly to help you achieve what is desired. We are responsive to developments and we can change the itinerary on the go if necessary. Via the communication with your Poland, Slovakia or Ukraine tour guide you will learn much about both the history of the area and about the nowadays life of your people.

I realize that spending time with the person you do not know in a new country seems to be a challenge: we feel the moment and our clients never have too much or too little of communication with their guides.

Contact us to learn more and book the services of your Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine private tour guide.

Some of our clients prefer to come to do the family research in Ukraine or other countries by themselves. We are ready to assist and make your interaction with the archives and other governmental institutions as successful as possible. We are skilled in this sort of research, reading records and languages: we can guide you through this process and help you feel like a real detective.

You will find more about genealogy research and archives here.

Getting around by minivan or car is the best option for heritage tours: this way you can feel the real life of the country your ancestors come from. This way of travelling can be a challenge in Ukraine due to roads quality and traffic signs in Cyrillic. or sometimes a total ansense of the traffic signs. It is much better in Poland and Slovakia where driving a rented car is possible but ALL OF OUR CLIENTS were extremely happy with the fact that they decided to use our transportation services instead of getting around by themselves. We advise you to save yourself the trounble too and hire a private driver and a private guide.

We can provide ground transportation by a modern air conditioned private minivan or car with your personal safe, accommodating and friendly English speaking driver or private guide in Ukraine and its neighbor countries: contact us to make an inquiry.

We often combine the heritage tour of your ancestral village in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia with sightseeing Tours. It is a wonderful way to understand the culture, history and traditions of your people better as well as have a great vacation and much fun. All your suggestions, likes and needs are carefully taken into account: it is your adventure and your personal discovery. 

Contact us to make an inquiry.