I think that being a genealogy researcher in Ukraine and Eastern Poland is one of the most interesting parts of Dorosh Heritage Tours' activity.

I do feel like a detective when we work on certain genealogy projects: it is so exciting to trace unexpected answers to the questions left by the ancestors! It also gives me a chance to learn more about our history and, what is much more interesting for me, the influence of this history on the lives of the individuals. I find it useful because it makes me reflect about life and focus on things which really matter in my personal life.

Of course, being a genealogical researcher in Ukraine and Poland also gives me a chance to visit many towns and villages: both small and big. I meet very many different people. This way I learn and I can tell you so much about my country and its life.

I think it is great to be able to help people to reconnect with their lost lands, culture and traditions. I have recently decided to summarize the family research projects I have accomplished recently. It took much time but I was pretty amazed with the result I got. THIS LINK will take you to the database with the names of the villages we researched and surnames I dealt with.

Yes, I am ready to help you too. Please, read below to learn more about the genealogy research I and my partners can do and Contact us to share the questions you would like to find answers to.

The Geographic Area of Our Expertise

We specialize in genealogy research in Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland. They are mainly the historic areas of Galiciaаличина, Halychyna, Galicja, Galizien), Volyn (Волинь, Volhynia, Wołyń, Wolhynien) and nowadays Ukrainian part of Bukovyna (Буковина, Bukovina, Bukowina).

I often hear “my family was Austrian” or “my ancestors came from Russia” when I receive inquiries. These statements can both betrue since the area of Galicia, Volyn and Bukovyna were the parts of the Russian or Austro-Hungarian Empire before WWI.

Please, have a look at the map which shows the villages and towns we researched. 

Yes, we are still open to new experience and we often get out from our “comfort zone” if any project takes us to some other areas. It’s a great adventure!

Locating the ancestral town is the key to further family research, the starting point of every project. It often happens that finding the correct place can be problematic due to many different factors. The main reasons usually are that:

- Your ancestors never mentioned the name of the place and it cannot be found in any family documents                                                                                                

- The name was badly misspelled by the emigration officer or other officials in the destination country                                                                                                           -

-  It is a popular name and there are many towns in nowadays Ukraine/Poland which bear it 

I love dealing with this sort of puzzles. I will be happy to help you too. Contact us to get help.

Records research is usually the 2nd step after locating the correct town your family comes from. It can give you a chance to learn about your family history, build family trees and find links to the living family in Ukraine or Poland as well as learn many other interesting details about the life of your ancestors. We specialize in doing research in the following institutions in Ukraine and Poland:

- The State Historic Archives in Lviv

- The State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Province

- The State Archives of Ternopil Province

- The State Archives of Chernivtsi Province

- The State Archives of Volyn Province in Lutsk

- The State Archives of Rivne Province

- The State Archives in Rzeszow

- The State Archives in Rzeszow, Sanok Department

- The State Archives in Przemysl

 The results of our research are usually organized into very detailed reports which contain such sections as:

- Maternal and Paternal ancestry

- Family trees

- Directly related family

- Indirectly related family

- Index of dates

- Index of places

- Index of individuals

- Additional notes

- Reference to records copies

The digital copies of the records of good resolution are usually uploaded or sent by e-mail depending on the volume of information. Contact us to learn what kind of records are available on your family and get help.

Metric records research, as well as many other means we use often makes it possible to connect you with the families still living in your ancestral town in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia. We can visit your town to conduct interviews with local citizens, townhall and church officials on your behalf. We can make contact with your family and put you in touch with them. We can tell you about them and their life, take many pictures and make a video.  Contact us to try to reconnect with your lost family.

In some cases finding the house where your ancestor lived or at least the plot where it used to be is still possible. It can be mostly achieved by means of land records and metric records research, old maps, interviewing the oldest citizens of your ancestral town or your living family in your ancestral town. Contact us to get help.

The photos from your ancestral town will tell you about its everyday life and the life of your family. We can go there and take pictures for you. During our visit we try to catch as many moments as possible and photograph all possible places which have to do with your family history. We usually put numerous comments to explain the details. Please, check some of our photo sets in our picture gallery. Hope you enjoy them!

We can research the cemetery in your ancestral town to find the graves of the family or extended family and take pictures of them. Contact us to get help.

Our genealogy researchers in Ukraine and Poland are fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. It is a great advantage and it helps us much when we do records research. Also, it is of great help when we transcribe old documents.

It is also a great pleasure for us to help you communicate with your Ukrainian or Polish family - we know that Google Translate does not always let us understand each other well. 

Please, feel free to contact us if you need help.