Beautiful Tulova

Tulova (Tulowa, Tułowa, Tulawa) in Sniatyn Region of Ivano-Frankivsk Province in Ukraine is a really beautiful village, have a look at the pictures! Spending time there, doing genealogy research and taking pictures for my clients whose ancestors emigrated from Tulova in nowadays Ukraine was a great pleasure indeed. I also remember the project of the Virtual Tour of Tulova very well. It was one of the 1st videos of this kind; it was made in 2013, the same year when the concept of the Virtual Tour of Your Ancestral Village (link) was introduced. By means of this project and genealogy research in Ukraine we managed to connect the families still residing in Tulova with the descendants of emigrants to Canada.

In Tulova people do care about their village. Look how neat and clean it is. Both old houses which date to the beginning of the 20th century and new buildings can be seen. It is a perfect place to try to understand what life was like in this area about 100 years ago and feel what it is like nowadays.

One of the pleasant moments I recall from the several visits we made to conduct genealogy research and make the virtual tour was the meeting with Mr. Biyovskiy (Bijowski), the local historian and Tulova resident. He was very kind to direct us in our research and presented his book on the history of Tulova. It was of great help in our work on the Virtual Tour of Tulova project. Later I had pleasure to get acquainted with Mr. Kharyton, the coauthor of Toluva history book when I worked on the family research project of former Sniatyn Police Chief Romanowicz who lived in Sniatyn in 19th-20th centuries. Mr. Kharyton was an excellent guide for the family of Romanowicz who came to see their ancestral town.

Nice memories, interesting meetings, creative work and LOTS OF SATISFACTION from making people happy, helping the families to reconnect and get back to Ukraine…. I think that I am also happy have a chance and a calling to do what I do: be a genealogy researcher in Ukraine and a tour guide in Ukraine.