About us

About Us

Dear Friends,

My name is Andrii Dorosh and I am happy to present my Dorosh Heritage Tours. I live in Western Ukraine and I started this business as Western Ukraine private tour guide, English speaking driver and Ukraine genealogy researcher in 2010. It grew into a team of professionals who specialize in Ukraine heritage tours, custom made sightseeing tours of Ukraine and Ukraine genealogy research. We were called West Ukraine Tours and I am sure that if you Google this name you will find lots of positive reference and links.

The name of West Ukraine Tours in Lonely Planet 2014 Ukraine Guide Book was an important achievement for me. 

I derive very much pleasure from the fact that I can help people to get to know my country and make it an unforgettable experience. It is even more than wonderful sightseeing we organize, being a tour guide in Ukraine, a genealogical researcher in Ukraine, promoting Ukraine, its culture and traditions or promoting other countries of Eastern Europe. Our mission is to help our clients to learn about their roots and get to understand who they really are. 

The scope of our tours has broadened and I treat it as a wonderful chance to learn and grow my own knowledge. The range of our activity is not limited by Ukraine or Western Ukraine tours and genealogy research only as it was back in 2010, that is why the name of West Ukraine Tours was changed to Dorosh Heritage Tours in 2016.

We do genealogy research in Ukraine and Eastern Poland and organize heritage tours  on the territory of Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia.

Poland is close for me not from the point of view of location or history only: I lived there for 4 years and I love its people, culture, way of life, traditions and cuisine, of course. I fell in love with Slovakia recently and I cannot help going there again and again. 

We also do a Cultural Tour of Eastern Europe which includes all three countries: Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia. It gives us a wonderful great chance to cover real highlights of this wonderful part of Europe and make it a truly memorable trip.

Now when I look back I find it’s a great satisfaction to realize that EVERY inquiry I have received, EVERY family history project we have dealt with and EVERY tour we have organized was treated with careful attention and due respect. What a pleasure!!! Hope we will be able to help you too. Do not hesitate to contact me to ask questions.

Sincerely, Andrii Dorosh

A few words about the principles we stand to – I do think it is the key to our success

Every Trip is Personalized

People are different. The same tour cannot suit everybody. Time is precious. Any vacation should really be an outstanding experience. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated. That is why their interests and needs are carefully taken into account both at the level of tour planning and during the trip. If desired, the schedules can be changed on the go – we are totally flexible.

We Adhere to Western Standards

We know the way to success is through exceptional service characterized by courtesy and responsiveness at every level of customer interface. This begins with the first e-mail, Skype or telephone call. You are welcome to contact us to check it.

We Are Reliable and Scrupulously Ethical

We deliver a high class product and service that exceeds your expectations. We therefore invite your inquiries and encourage you to conduct your independent “Due Diligence” investigation. Ask our former clients – we can provide you many contacts. Google the names of Andriy Dorosh, Dorosh Heritage Tours, West Ukraine Tours. Check us on Facebook. You will discover that at Dorosh Heritage Tours, “Our Word is Our Bond”

We Love What We Do

What we do is highly rewarding from the emotional point of view. I believe WE ARE REALLY HAPPY to have a chance TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY: both our clients and their family in Ukraine or Poland.