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Time Capsule Blog

Let us take a look at what our ancestors had to accomplish prior to leaving. This must have seemed to them to be an overwhelming task. Yet, they all did it, because they wanted to improve the lives of their families.


Virtual Tour

We offer a unique service for those who would like to make a virtual journey to the village in Ukraine where your ancestors were born. It gives you a chance to walk their footsteps while staying at your own home.



At Dorosh Heritage Tours, when we look back and realize what we have accomplished for our cherished clients (many who are now friends!), we have a sense of pride and satisfaction that we have done our best to surpass all expectations! Diligent and often extensive research precedes every visit, every trip. Our goal is to not only uncover the layers of history revealing your roots, your heritage, but to assure that your trip was the experience of a lifetime. We share with you what our clients have shared with us and welcome your inquiries.

Jane Opryszko Miller, USA

Christmas has come early! I received one of the greatest gifts in the family research that Olia provided. I had been working on my genealogy for 3 years, but simply “hit a brick wall” with my father’s family. Within two months, I received a well-researched, professional report that answered many questions and provided some surprises. Even my two cousins from Ukraine could not provide me with the kind of detail I received from Olia. A summary was provided along with photos of the support documents, a family tree, and details about each person in my tree. When I started my family work, I only knew of my grandfather. Now, I know that there were 11 more siblings and 3 half siblings!!! My research has expanded from 1891 for my grandfather, to my 4th great grandfather mid-1700s! I could never have done this research alone. Dorosh Heritage Tours provided a trip of a lifetime to Ukraine 2 years ago to meet today’s generations, and now, the Dorosh research team with Olia Waldman, prov...