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Featured Story

In Tulova people do care about their village. Look how neat it is. It is also a perfect place to try to understand what life was like about 100 years ago and feel what it is like nowadays.


Virtual Tour

We offer a unique service for those who would like to make a virtual journey to the village in Ukraine where your ancestors were born. It gives you a chance to walk their footsteps while staying at your own home.



At Dorosh Heritage Tours, when we look back and realize what we have accomplished for our cherished clients (many who are now friends!), we have a sense of pride and satisfaction that we have done our best to surpass all expectations! Diligent and often extensive research precedes every visit, every trip. Our goal is to not only uncover the layers of history revealing your roots, your heritage, but to assure that your trip was the experience of a lifetime. We share with you what our clients have shared with us and welcome your inquiries.

John Mazunik

I contacted Andriy to perform some research to verify the village my grandparents came from. Once he competed that task I asked him to go and see if he could find any of my relatives. He and his team did an amazing job of detective work. He talked with many people in the area and gaining as much information as could be expected. At the conclusion he provided a report that made that village come to life for our family in the United States. He also tacked a difficult task of translating a number of old letters we found in an old set of files. In every task Andriy kept me very well informed every step of the way. Because of his work we have been able to put the pieces together regarding our Ukranian roots. I have more work to do and Andriy will continue to be the resource that I will depend on.